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“Great songs that rise the spirit of Blues Rock”.
Blues Rock Review (USA)
“Throughout the years, Fred Sunwalk has proven to be more than a bluesman that doesn’t save efforts to interact with the crowd on the live performances. With the album “Let’s Go Together”, Fred Sunwalk consolidates his career as a prolific songwriter too, recording great songs that rise the spirit of blues rock”. Blues Rock Review (USA).
 With 25 years of his career, the guitarist, singer and composer, has opened shows for Buddy Guy, Jimmy King, Stanley Jordan, The Wailers and Eric Gales. He released 7th albums and performs at the biggest Blues and Jazz festivals in Brazil, as well as in Europe accompanying international artists. Fred Sunwalk has performed alongside legends such as Carey Bell, Phil Guy, The Teardrops.
“… Fred Sunwalk has a thing about Hendrix. He plays with boldness and passion and has the technique under his fingers to say what he wants to say”. Guitar Player Magazine (BR)
Fred Sunwalk has a powerful guitar sound without leaving aside the feeling and the influences coming from the Blues. Live, his show is intense and thrilled from the layman to the great connoisseur of the genre.
“After absorbing the versatility of Fred Sunwalk’s essence, you can definitely hear bits & pieces of so many classic guitar hero’s – Hendrix, Trower, SRV, Carlos Santana and others. They are clearly echoed within Fred Sunwalk’s pure interpretation of their music”.
East Coast Blues News (USA) 


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